It's like having ICE for your home

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Legal Terms

Promotional Offer - $29.95 All charges are paid in full for one year in advance when you sign up for our service. All termination will be given in writing.

The customer understands and agrees that this service is not liable for any false calls nor responsible for compensation for any lost wages because of KZBluestar. We will never send anyone out to inspect the problem we are only here to alert you and the people on your contact list. We are not responsible for anyone trying to help you when such time service is needed.

We are not responsible for any damage prior to any calls or after any calls to our service, we can only hope that we can help you so your loss will be less. The customer also understands and agrees that KZBluestar is not responsible for the negligence of any third party, their and KZBluestar's own negligence.

You also agree to pay any charges if any private, state or government agencies are called. We are not an Insurer of your property or person.

There is no equipment to install other than a sticker that should be placed in the front of the house that would be easy to see. Please check with your home owners or condo association for the use of a decal on the front window.

We may adjust our policies at any time without your permission.

No return accepted.

 Customer agrees that KZBluestar is not responsible for any consequential or special damages.