It's like having ICE for your home

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How it Works

KZBluestar decal

The program is designed to alert the home owner or business owner of problems that may occur to the building or property. After you sign up you will receive a package in the mail, inside the package is a decal that should go on the front door or window nearest to the door and where it would be most visible from the front of your house or business. Mount the decal in the upper part of the front door window of your house or mount your decal on the side door of your RV. Some place that can be seen easily.

This service is offered Nation wide, good in all states

As your neighbors or anyone goes by your house if there is a problem they may call our 800 number and give us the code on the decal and we will call you and your contacts to find you.

You may be new to the neighborhood and neighbors do not have a way to call you, you will not need to give your neighbors your phone number just tell them you are in our program and they can call in from the decal.

Even if some one watches your house, they can not be there all the time a problem may happen after they leave so now any one that can see there is a problem can call us and we will call you.

We also have discounts for Neighborhood association and watch groups contact us at

Once you sign up for our service the price will be the same for life, we will never raise your rate.

This program will also aid the police in finding the owner after something has happened at the property that the police would have been called to.

Promotional Offer - $29.95

This in no way is to be used instead of 911

This program would be helpful after a problem has occurred that the owner may be found.

Thank you