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Let us help you to keep an eye on your house or business, water leaks, storm damage, anything that the owner should be aware of. We are not an Alarm company but an alert service to let you know that something is wrong before it gets worse, we start where Alarm companies stop. Even if you went to work and left the garage door open anyone can call us to notify you that something is not right, never give your phone number out give them our phone number. You say that you have a neighbor that watches your house but if someone else saw something wrong how do they know what neighbor to contact, or just wait until that neighbor sees the problem. There is a new way to keep informed about your property.

You have not seen your neighbor for a day or two , you may know what neighbor to call but you may need a family member to check do you know all the people in their life to call ?  We do.

Police, Paramedics and Fire Departments like this program because they may be able to contact someone for medical information about a person in the house or to find out who else may be in the house or any pets.

Home watch Security and Protection for your home, property, or business that is effective and at an affordable price can be difficult. If you are new to an area with no established contacts or have property, rentals or a business in other parts of town, security becomes even more of a challenge. Alarm systems can be costly and only notify you or your alarm company if there is forced or unauthorized entry. Below are just a few examples of issues and non-forced entry problems that can be damaging and costly without quick action:


  If they only knew

  • A burst water pipe or leaking water heater.
  • No one has seen you for a day or two , how do they call a family member to check on you ? We have your family contact.
  • A package has been left at your door, any one may call us , we contact you.
  • Sprinkler system malfunction causing it to run 24/7.
  • Even the mail carrier could call us and we call their contacts.
  • Trespassers breaking down fences, stealing or vandalizing outside property.
  • Noisy pool pump or Air Conditioner ready to fail.
  • Any problem you think the owner should notified.
  • Your dog got loose, people 2 blocks down know its yours but no way to call.
  • Call owner about a code problem before the City writes you up.
  • A tree or tree limb damaging your roof or breaking a window.

Foreclosed homes in your neighborhood can be a magnet for thieves and criminal activity. Spotting and reporting suspicious activity is a benefit to all. This service is good in 50 states doesn't matter where you live or where your RV is. Have a sticker on your RV also.

The best security has always been the eyes and ears of your neighbors.

25 years ago we knew our neighbors; it is different today. Do your neighbors know how to contact you if you are:

  1. At work
  2. Out of town on business
  3. On vacation
  4. Never give out your phone  number give out ours

Contact us for discount bundle rates for Realtors, Banks and Property Management

Even if you are established, most people only know the immediate people around them. It is in the interest of your entire neighborhood that your home and property is and remains problem free.

KZBluestar has a program to help bridge the line of communication and makes it easy for anyone spotting trouble to:

  • Notifying a property owner of a problem in a timely fashion
  • Keeping your notification anonymous if that is your preference
  • Keeping caller information (such as your phone number) from being distributed
  • All at a cost of less than 6.00 per month

People and Organizations that can benefit from this program include:

  • Single Family Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Property Management Companies
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Business locations in Residential Neighborhoods
  • Realtors
  • Police
  • Banks foreclosed properties
  • Construction site
This service is just to alert you of a problem.

Click on the top left buttons , learn how the program works; register; contact us; our privacy policy, legal and general information on our company. Thank you for looking into our service. You will find it cost effective and money well spent.

Serving you since 2010

Thank you,

KZBluestar, LLC